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 Some Scarlet questions answered
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PostPosted: Sat May 22, 2010 6:45 pm    Post subject: Some Scarlet questions answered Reply with quote

RED is planning a major announcement about the status of Scarlet coming in the next few weeks, but as of now, they did answer a few questions that were posted on line:

1) What is the focal length of Fixed 2/3" Scarlet?

FF35 Equivalent of 28mm-224mm.

2) If #21 is something, what is it (besides the most talked about feature released on November 31st)?

#21 is indeed something and it has a mind of it's own :)

It is still far enough out that you need not worry about it right now. It is however worth the recognition that it mysteriously has received :)

3) What priority will RED One owners have over those who have been saving all funding for Scarlets/tons of modules?

RED ONE owners who have not executed their cameras for Stages 1-3 of the EPIC program will have a short window of priority on Scarlet packages.

4) What is the current weight of the Fixed Scarlet/lens?

Current weight of Fixed Scarlet is just over 4.5 pounds.

5) What kind of success have you had with firing up the Scarlet and taking motion/stills on the Scarlet? (image quality compared to the EPIC/boot up times)

Scarlet 8x is first to be brought up in the lab. It is still in engineering form, not "run around and take pictures form". Think of a mini-Franky. There is alot of effort is going into the autofocus algorithms and lens optimization, and alot of waiting for bits of code to come down from it's big brother. The ASIC, Sensor and Lens work have been complete ( the hard parts ), but there is still alot of firmware work to be done and some minor mechanical changes waiting on tooling.

The images coming off of it are incredible.. remember, the 2/3rds sensor is part of the Mysterium-X family, and you all know what that looks like.

6) Will 120fps recording be possible on the CF-Modules or will another recording device be necessary?

120fps is working on the CF-Module with 64GB cards at a reduced REDCODE rate. The highest REDCODE number you can use with the CF cards are still being determined as optimization work is progressing.

7) Will the read/reset of the 2/3 be on par with the epic?

The read/reset will be on par to the read/reset times of EPIC S35.

8) How much difference in dynamic range should the 2/3 have in comparison with epic?

Compared to the EPIC S35 they will be close. The actual delta changes every day, as both systems continue to independently improve.

9) How does EPIC's delivery date effect the 2/3" Fixed Scarlet's release?

Scarlet Fixed 2/3" is currently behind EPIC and likely will be for the forseable future. Some things are caught up, but as a whole it is a step or two behind it as it inherits a good portion of EPIC's development efforts.

10) What is the biggest change to Scarlet since the last announcement that makes you excited?

The autofocus is actually the most impressive work going on right now... Nobody has seen autofocus on a video camera work like this before, and it is pretty impressive to actually see it work. Of course #21 is pretty incredible. And the (optional) Titanium Lens mount is pretty cool.

11) Could I have my Scarlet finished in Silver just as your RED #10? I'd like to name it "High Yo Silver"

Kind of... the side"cosmetic" pieces on Scarlet are removable.. and you can get different finishes. I can't remember if we officially mentioned that before for the 2/3"...... but you can. But please... No pink.

12) What is the fixed focal length in 2/3" broadcast terms?

It is F2.4 7.5mm - 58mm. Constant aperture throughout the zoom range.

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