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 Scarlet Update - 6/26/11
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PostPosted: Sun Jun 26, 2011 12:00 pm    Post subject: Scarlet Update - 6/26/11 Reply with quote

RED's Jarred Land took the time to answer some questions today on the future of Scarlet:

Q: Since the announcement of the S35 Scarlet being moved to the EPIC lineup (EPIC-S), there seems to be a lot of confusion regarding the removable lens-Scarlet. Am I right in my understanding that the removable lensScarlet is still supposed to come out? Can we end the rumors of the removable lens scarlet plans being thrown out the window?

A: Scarlet 2/3" removable and the Mini-Primes that go with it are still on track and is due to be released after the 8x fixed Scarlet ships.

Q: Upon first announcement of the Removable Scarlet, the mounting options listed were "Mini RED Mount, B4 Mount, C-Mount". I understand that in "IzzY", you used the Removable Scarlet with a 100mm RED PRO Prime. Are there plans for RED to offer a PL mount or any other lens options (such as Nikon/Canon mount) to the public?

[color=orange]A: The camera will ship with the RED Mini-PL mount. More lens mount options will come after release.[/color]

Q: I'm not asking for pricing, but what are the chances of having a "Package Price" for the C-Scarlet as was first mention for the F-Scarlet (Fixed Scarlet). Good, not-so-good, or bad chance?

A: It is very hard for us to comment on pricing right now with the current supply situation in Japan. However, there will definitely be a Scarlet/ Mini-Prime Lens package available.

Q: I'm not asking for delivery dates of either Scarlet model, but does it look like the C-Scarlet & F-Scarlet will be released coincidentally? If not, would you mind sharing your current "guess" on the time difference and what might be the cause for discrepancy between the two?

A: The Scarlet 2/3" removable will be released after the 8x fixed lens Scarlet

Q: Will the C-Scarlet come standard with a Mini RED Mount, with people having the option to additionally purchase say a C-Mount? Or will people be able to choose their first mount without being required to get a 2nd mount in which they potentially may never need the first?

A: Standard with RED Mini-PL mount. No option to ship with a different mount installed.

Q: There's been an expression of desire for a 12mm RED Mini Prime by some. Would RED be open to going beyond the set of 6.5mm, 8mm, 16mm 25mm, 50mm, 75mm Mini Primes or will additional focal lengths need to be found by lenses already on the market? (You just can't please everybody, now can you? hehe.)

A: Currently we are focusing on producing the focal lengths we have already announced.

Q: Are there plans for a RED Mini Zoom lens with full manual capabilities (iris ring, zoom ring, focus ring) to complement the RED Mini Primes? I realize the 8X Electronic Zoom on the F-Scarlet doesn't come off and a version of that cannot be offered for the C-Scarlet. This is not what I am asking for.

A: A full manual zoom lens will not be released at launch.

Q: There was mention long ago of 1080p RGB recording which is scaled from the entire cropping the sensor. Ted once likened it as a specialized RED Rocket which does this in-camera, but takes away the RAW possibilities (and of course the 3K resolution) in post. What's the status on this?

A: Scaled REDCODE RGB is still on the list.

Q: Long ago, there was mention of using a "Wide Angle/Telephoto Converter lenses to enhance the possibilities for the F-Scarlet (FF35 Equivalent of 28mm-224mm). Is this something you foresee only 3rd parties to offer, or will RED be offering something of their own?

A: We are testing numerous 3rd party options right now.. many are very good at very fair prices. Currently we have no reason to introduce our own.

Q: Delivery. What's the current plan on Scarlet distribution? Through people like B&H, or strictly through RED? Will previously existing customers receive special "dibs" or are we starting off fresh? Pre-orders or only available after the "In Stock" listing on

A: Direct from RED at the beginning. No Pre-orders. We hope to make alot of them very quickly so there shouldn't much of a waiting list.

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