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 Current Feature List by Build Number
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PostPosted: Tue Mar 24, 2009 11:59 pm    Post subject: Current Feature List by Build Number Reply with quote

Here is a list of functions added by firmware build since the very first update - Build 4, Sept 7th, 2007

Build 4
* Frame Guides have been updated to better outline the recorded area,
* 16:9, 14:9 and 4:3 ACTION and TITLE CURSORS are correctly aligned
* Slower fan speed on record is now operational.
* Rear status display properly reports the true status of the digital media.
* Prevent multiple Project Frame Rates on a single piece of digital media.

Build 5

* Addressed reported record errors to CF card digital media.
* Increased brightness and contrast of RED-LCD for improved visibility

Build 6
* Addresses reported failure to slow fan speed during record.
* Additional frame guides: USER C (2.40 safe), USER D (anamorphic)

Build 7
* Alpha test not released

Build 8
* Support for RED-EVF display
* Tri-Level Sync Genlock (shutter lock)
* ASA based exposure control
* Improved accuracy of Auto White Balance calculation
* Additional shutter speeds at 1/25, 1/30, 1/400, 1/800, 1/1200
* 2K at Project Frame Rates of 23.98, 24.00, 25.00, 29.97, 30.00 fps
* Variable Frame Rate recording at 1 25 fps 4K, 4K 2:1, 1 75 fps 2K
* Improved Accuracy of Time Code in Jam Sync (external reference) mode
* On-camera QuickTime movie creation for 4K, 4K 2:1 and 2K
* Selection of Edge Code or Time Code as primary time display.
* Waveform based exposure display (preliminary version)
* Histogram based exposure display (preliminary version)
* Waveform based focus assist (preliminary version)
* Additional Frame Guides USER C and D
* Reporting of Build, Version and P.I.N at conclusion of boot up

Build 9
* Playback of recorded clips on camera.
* Addition of Simple Exposure Meter indicates clipping in R G B channels
* Enhanced Focus Assist Algorithm with adjustable sample window
* Improved Accuracy of Time Code when not in Jam Sync
* Camera log file created on media unmount
* PIN, Build and Version data reported on request in status display

Build 10
* RED-EVF plus Preview HD-SDI / HDMI output simultaneously active.
* Addition of Video or Video + GUI monitoring modes on RED-LCD.
* Addition of 2K 2:1 recording mode.
* Addition of 50.00 and 59.94 Project Frame Rates for 2K and 2K 2:1
* Addition of 50 fps / 60 fps selection for HD-SDI outputs
* Addition of GPI trigger enabled TIMELAPSE (one shot) recording.
* Addition of GPI trigger enabled RECORD and GPO external tally output
* Addition of RGB COMPOSITE or LUMINANCE Histogram
* Addition of RGB Channel Exposure Meter
* Addition of SPOT EXPOSURE meter
* Addition of DARK DETAIL mode for RED-EVF
* Addition of SYNCED or FIXED refresh rates for RED-EVF
* Addition of enable checkbox for USER 1 and USER 2 keys in KEYMAP

Build 11
* Addition of 29.97 fps Project Frame Rate for 4K 2:1 record resolution.
* Increased Varispeed range to 1 30 fps for 4K 2:1 record resolution.
* Addition of GPO tally at completion of STEP RECORD enabled in TIMELAPSE

Build 12
* Audio recording and metering
* Audio playback via QuickTime Reference Files and QuickTime Player / FCP.
* Addition of OPEN GATE mode for Viewfinder and other Monitor outputs
* Addition of False Color and Zebras to HDMI and PVW HD-SDI outputs.
* Interval based TimeLapse.
* Frame rate ramping mode.
* Added GPIO programmability.
* Addition of SET TIME (Hours / Minutes / Seconds) in SETUP menus.
* Addition of TimeZone Offset to (GMT) time and day settings.
* Media directory now formatted as Camera Letter + Reel Number + Date.
* Addition of BACK SHADING (black level calibration) in MAINTENANCE
* Timecode displayed by QuickTime Player with QuickTime Reference movies created by camera at 50.00 and 59.97 fps corrected.

Build 13
* Resolution of audio hiss on boot up.

Build 14
* Alpha test not released

Build 15
* Addition of RECODE 36 Compression Quality Setting.
* Addition of 3K and 3K 2:1 record modes.
* On-camera audio playback (headphone, mini-XLR and HDMI)
* Increased frame rate (100+fps) for 2K recording modes.
* 2:1 lens Anamorphic (ANA) recording modes for 2K, 3K, 4K
* Support for simultaneous RED-EVF, RED-LCD and HD-SDI/HDMI outputs.
* Addition of Relative Shutter Speed control
* Shutter speed reporting in Degrees or 1/xx Sec format.
* Enhancement of Frame Rate Ramping control.
* Enhancement of Histograms to logarithmic based display.
* False Color Focus indicator (red edge highlight over monochrome)
* Camera LOOK file export/import to SD Card.
* Addition of root directory (.RDM) to digital media.
* Addition of full size _F QuickTime Reference Movie
* Adjusted QuickTime file so audio displays as discreet channels
* Improved RED-DRIVE data synchronization
* Resolution of D.C offset in audio recordings
* Clip Name and starting Timecode in status display on playback.
* Use meter reports in hours rather than minutes.

Build 16
* New .R3D file format - compatible with new QuickTime Codec, RED ALERT.
* Digital Signal Processing optimization.
* Image Compression Optimization.
* Preliminary support for RED 16GB CF cards
* Support for 4K 16:9 recordings in REDALERT and QuickTime applications.
* Fixed high detail scene codec errors in 4K 16:9 recordings.
* Improved audio sample to video frame synchronization (lip sync)
* Addition of REDspace and RAW viewing modes.
* Updated file name structure to eliminate duplicate file names.
* Addition of Pre-Record (10 sec or 30 sec loop) mode.
* In-camera 1080p playback of REDCODE RAW 4K / 3K / 2K .R3D files.
* Addition of Time Code output on LEMO 5 pin timecode connector
* Addition of MONO mode Histogram.
* Seperation of Sensitivity (ASA) and Exposure (Compensation) parameters.
* Addition of Burst record mode in Timelapse menu.
* Added RED-EVF control over Audio, Shutter, ISO and Varispeed
* Added programmable Tonal Response Curves menu.
* Addition of Grey Scale to look around area of GUI.
* Added ability to see video during boot up sequence.
* Look Around on HD PREVIEW outputs when LCD and EVF are both active.
* Added 1.85 and 2.40 Safe Action and Safe Title Protection Guides.
* User programmability of A, B, C keys and USER 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 keys
* Return to last menu position, when UNDO-SYSTEM is pressed
* Disabled auto-reset of reel counter on change of project time base.
* Added RESET # (manual reset of reel counter) in MEDIA menu.

Build 17
* Addition of RAW exposure meter.
* Addition of 4K HD recording mode (3840 x 2160 pixels).
* Support for RED 16GB CF cards and RED-RAM 64GB flash drive.
* Addition of embedded time code in HD-SDI outputs.
* Addition of embedded audio in HD-SDI outputs.
* Addition of CROSS JAM (creation of 23.98 fps from 29.97 timecode)
* Addition of CROSS GEN (creation of 29.97 fps from 23.98 timecode)
* Improved JAM SYNC operation: removed requirement to record before syncing.
* Genlock (Tri-Level Sync) available when operating with OPEN GATE.
* Added GPI trigger functions - Pre-Record, Shut Down, Play Clip, Next Clip.
* Added ability to disable GUI elements - EVF menus and Grey Scale defaulted OFF.
* Added ability to defeat EVF menu controls when EVF menu display is set to OFF.
* Added warning screen to advise if media is removed without first Unmounting.
* Non-speed verified CF cards now permitted to record at 2K RAW resolution.
* Resolved RED-LCD sometimes tearing in lower 10% of screen with 4K footage.
* Re-sized system error messages from full screen to upper central area of GUI.
* Added flashing "RECORD dot" within GUI to indicate system error.
* Resolved 29.97 fps Time Base QuickTime reference file issue with long record times.
* S4/i Lens Data Interface (requires corresponding Lens Interface hardware).
* Allow lens Distance data reporting in Feet or Meters.
* Revised audio PPM metering (requires corresponding Revision 2 audio board).
* Addition of Audio LINE input gain control 0dB / 10 dB.
* FALSE COLOR exposure meter tracks VIEW selection - REC709 / REDspace.
* Added user programmable Safe Action / Title guides.
* Changed MAGNIFY to display 1:1 native sensor resolution.
* Added selection to playback clips using CLIP or CAMERA LOOK values.

Build 18 (Beta test)
* Addition of native 1.2:1 anamorphic recording modes (4K / 3K / 2K)
* Addition of 1.2:1 anamorphic frame guides / monitor de-squeeze.

Casey Green
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