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 REDCINE Pull List
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PostPosted: Wed Jan 02, 2008 3:19 pm    Post subject: REDCINE Pull List Reply with quote

Lucas Wilson of ASSIMILATE, Inc., makers of SCRATCH, recently posted this tutorial online explaining how to create Pull Lists from within REDCINE:

"Do the following steps:

1) With the current REDCINE (74) - create some edits. Go into Shot, and adjust the in and out points of several shots.
2) Then, also do some shot reframing in the Shot menu.
3) In Project, Save -> Test.XML. (you have to manually add the '.XML')

Open that XML file in a plaintext editor. Here is what my export looks like with just one event...

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<Library name="B74XMLTest">
<resolution> 2048, 1152 </resolution>
<fps> 24.000 </fps>
<Clip name="A001_C005_070915">
<source>"E:\MEDIA\RED\HD EXPO\A001_C005_070915_001.R3D"</source>
<length> 469 </length>
<handles> 15, 350 </handles>
<scale> 50.000,50.000 </scale>
<note>"Camera ID = A Reel = 001 Clip = 005
Shutter 180 degrees (1/48)
Whitebalance: kelvin = 5000 tint = 0
Start run record / edge timecode = 01:07:36:19
Start time of day / ext. timecode = 13:49:12:00"</note>

If you have multiple shots, there will be multiple entries.

The process for reloading shots with edits is...

1) Load all the media you have into a REDCINE library
2) Player -> Project -> Open -> FooBar.XML

REDCINE will automatically cull the Library, attach the edit points listed in the <handles> tag, attach the shot framing listed in the <scale> tag, and will alphabetically place clips in one linear timeline in the Library.

Pull List - done.

IMPORTANT - in Redcine 74, the <handles> tag is not respected. That was just an oversight. In an internal build of Redcine which is currently being tested, the handles tag is respected and it works.

What does this mean?

It is now a fairly trivial task for someone to parse a Final Cut XML project and turn it into REDCINE XML, which can then be loaded and turned into a Pull List - with edits - and be ready for output.

Avid's most recent version of MetaSync Publisher - which ships with Media Composer - also allows for turning any AAF file into an XML output. Again, fairly trivial to turn that XML output into REDCINE XML.

All the pieces are now in place in REDCINE to create a pull list with appropriate handles."

Thanks Lucas!

Casey Green
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