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 RedCam Central Forum Guildelines
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PostPosted: Wed Jan 03, 2007 5:54 pm    Post subject: RedCam Central Forum Guildelines Reply with quote

RedCam Central Forum Guidelines

RedCam Central was designed to provide information and resources for Red One Camera enthusiasts and help build a professional community where people can network and share their experiences. This website is not affiliated with the Red Digital Cinema Company. People visiting this site are entitled to their own opinions and views.

We welcome everyone in the industry, from Hobbyists, Videographers, and Indy Filmmakers, to Feature Film Producers, Directors, Camera Operators and Cinematographers. Although not currently a rule of this forum, we do encourage members to use their real names in their signatures in order to promote a professional atmosphere.

Before posting on RedCam Central, please be aware that the Forum has some simple guidelines that we feel are reasonable and will ensure that the board remains a safe and pleasant experience for everyone visiting.

1) Common Courtesy. Please show respect for other members. Insults of a personal nature will not be tolerated. If anyone feels a post is inappropriate, please report it or contact a moderator as soon as possible.

2) Flame Wars. Please do not participate in what is known as a Flame War. Even if another member originally starts the conflict, both parties
we will held responsible. Many of these conflicts actually come about from misunderstandings. Keep in mind that this is a Global Community, with many people of differing backgrounds and cultures. Also, English may not always be a member's primary language, which may lead to miscommunications. A good general rule to live by is to not post when you are emotionally reacting to another post. You may feel different after clearing your mind and taking a break. Also, try not to judge others or easily take offense by another's post. Give the benefit of the doubt.

3) Inappropriate Topics. Please refrain from posting messages on the topics of politics, religion, or explicit sexuality. These topics are, of course, worth talking about, however, we feel they are not appropriate for a forum made for discussions about Digital Filmmaking and Equipment.

4) Sexual Content. Please do not post any images or links to images with explicit sexual content. Nudity in still images is not acceptable. Links to films that contain nudity are acceptable as long as the post is appropriately labeled for content. Links to any **** content are unacceptable.

5) Trolling. Please refrain from the act known as Trolling. You should feel free to express your opinions, but if you are hanging around in a particular forum just to convince other users that a particular product is not good, then you are trolling. This forum has been created to provide people with informational and technical resources. It is a place to network and share experiences, not a place where you can go to have a personal soapbox. Posts that are meant to provoke other users (baiting) are not acceptable. Users are asked to limit themselves to one username per person.

6) Search Engine. Before posting a question, please use the search engine. There is a good chance that someone else has already asked the question you were thinking of, and better yet, someone else may have already provided the answer.

7) Threads. Please check to see if a thread on your topic already exists. If you have a question or comment about a particular topic, it is a much better idea to post on a recent existing thread, because it helps keep the content organized.

8) Forums. Please post in the correct forum. Posting in inappropriate forums makes extra work for the moderators and you may find your post moved or deleted if you didn't post it in the correct forum. Also, please do not Crosspost. Only post your question in a single forum.

9) Other Topics. The Other Topics area was created for members making posts that do not fit into any of the other categories. Topics other than Digital Filmmaking and Equipment are allowed, but please try to limit these and stay within the general topics provided. Most of the time, posts made to RedCam Central should not be in this category.

10) Signatures and Banners. Banners should be 569x70 pixels. Also, please do not use animation in your Signature. Extra large, odd-shaped, and animated banners are difficult to read and make the forum experience painful to the eyes.

11) Advertising Policy. Please contact Casey Green to arrange advertising for any commercial product, including films. Uncleared advertisements will be removed. If you are using RedCam Central to promote something, you should also be contributing something to the RedCam Central community. Personal items for sale or rent should be listed in the For Sale / For Rent forum. Please do not post eBay links, and please update your post when the item is sold.

12) Violating RedCam Central Policy. The normal procedure for violating the policy will be: 1) a warning by Private Message, 2) a temporary ban if the warning is ignored, 3) a permanent ban for continuing problems. If, however, you go out of your way to violate the rules, we can and will skip the previous 2 warnings and go directly to option 3.

13) Moderation. This forum is mostly self-moderated by the members. If you take your time before you post, you should be in good shape, however, if you are unsure or have a question about something, ask a moderator. If you are new to posting on forums, you may want to watch how things work for a week or so before you start actively posting.

14) Rental / Services Sections . RedCam Central is not accountable for any business relationships formed from interaction on our forums. While we hope to help build a strong community, we can not take responsibility for any members who post ads for services or do business together. The sections of the site, such as "For Sale / For Rent", "Los Angeles RED Network", and "National / Global RED Network" and others are considered "at your own risk". When doing business with anyone met on the forum, please follow professional practices and use standard safeguards, such as referrals, background checks, contracts, insurance, etc. We don't expect any malicious or unprofessional activity, but will not be held accountable as such.

15) Misc. Anything that does not fit into the above rule categories should be treated with a common sense approach. Again, if unsure, please feel free to ask a moderator.

Thank you for adhering to the Guidelines. Welcome, and please enjoy the Forum.

RedCam Central
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